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Driving licence B96 and B+E

Are you going to tow a heavy trailer for a horse transport, a car transport, a camper trailer etc. with your passenger car?

You can finish both B+E training from the age of 18, if you have already had the passenger car driving licence. It isn´t difficult at all to manage this type of training.  

What is the difference betveen B96 and B+E?

If the total maximum load of a car + maximum load of a trailer is less than 4.250 kg, a driving licence B96 is enough. Otherwise you need a driving licence B+E.

Why should I choose your driving licence school for my training?  

Tolerant instructors, keenly priced services, a supportive environment of a large driving licence school site, training provided in our place with our cars, satisfied clients… there are many reasons why you should choose our driving licence school. We are going to attach a trailer with a tilt with an up to date Škoda Superb car and explain how to drive into the roundabouts, to monitor a trailer only in outside mirrors and you are going to learn how to reverse into the limited space in a calm of our site.

What type of a training should I finish as minimum according to the law?  

For B96:

you don´t need any compulsory training, it depends on you how many hours of the training you would like to have to be able to pass the exam without problems.

For B+E you need:

Is there any difference at the final exam? Yes

I have chosen this driving licence school. What should I do next? 

 You need:

  1. Medical assessment of a good state of health for motor vehicles driving [PDF] – signed by your general practitioner, not older than 3 months. Come with it to our driving licence school and you can fill the application there.
  1. Order the practical training (click bellow, call or visit us)

We are looking forward to meeting you,
Group of instructors – Driving licence school VT center 11 LLC