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Driving school price list

Passenger carPrice
BBasic training31.990 Kč
BČeský Brod branch discount-5.000 Kč
BAdditional exam – annulment of the limitation on automatic transmission (1driving lesson is included)5.000 Kč
BAdditional training before and after final exam1.100 Kč
B96Maximum weight of a car + trailer set up to 4250 kg (additional exam)12.990 Kč
B+EPassenger car trailer weighing up to 750 kg16.990 Kč
Standard AM, A1 A2, A2-4 months [ 13 hours]33.990 Kč
Extended AM, A1 A2, A2-4 months [20 hours]40.990 Kč
AM, A1, A2, AExpress extra charge, training duration approximately 1 month10.000 Kč
A2, AExtension – additional exam9.990 Kč
AM, A1, A2, AAdditional training during the standard training (1 hour)1.500 Kč
AM, A1, A2, AAdditional training during the extended training (1 hour)1.000 Kč
TExtended training (for driving licence holders)20.990 Kč
TBasic training (for applicants, who do not have any driving licence or only AM)23.990 Kč
CExtension for holders of a driving licence B, standard training33.990 Kč
C,C+ETwo trainings in sequence45.990 Kč
C+EExtension for holders of a driving licence C, standard training23.990 Kč
DExtension for holders of a driving licence C, standard training33.990 Kč
DExtension for holders of a driving licence B, standard training46.990 Kč
D,C+EExtension for holders of a driving licence C, standard training46.990 Kč
Driver´s professional competence certificatePrice
C,C+EDuration: 140 hours24.990 Kč
D,D+EDuration: 140 hours24.990 Kč
C,C+EDuration: 45 hours – extension14.990 Kč
D,D+EDuration: 45 hours – extension14.990 Kč
Regular training – 7 hours of tuition – 1 person1.500 Kč
Regular training – 7 hours of tuition – ordered group of 6 personsnegotiable
Duration: 35 hours – (further professional competence training)od 6.990 Kč
Not completed annual training, expired dates of training, etc.
For holders of a driving licence C before 10.9.2009
For holders of a driving licence D before 11.9.2008
Company car driver training (till 3,5t)Price
Price for 1 person – lector training in the driving licence school (1 hour)500 Kč
On-line trainingfrom 49 Kč
On-line training certificate for the company300 Kč
Price for the training of 10 and more personsnegotiable
Regaining driving licence or exchangePrice
Regaining driving licenceExamination of professional competence according to the scopefrom 4.990 Kč
Training for novice drivers„Driver licence for test from 17 years old“7.990 Kč
Exchange of driver’s license for foreignersForeigners outside the EU12.990 Kč
Refresher driving lessons and additional practical trainingPrice
for driving licence holders who would like to improve their driving and for the clients before and after the final exam
B1 hour of refresher driving lessons1.500 Kč
B10 hours of refresher driving lessons12.000 Kč
A1 hour of refresher driving lessons2.000 Kč
T1 hour of refresher driving lessons (minimum 2 lessons)2.000 Kč
C,CE,D1 hour of refresher driving lessons (minimum 2 lessons)2.000 Kč
PJPractical training including Municipal administrative fee1.400 Kč
OÚVCar handling and maintenance including Municipal administrative fee1.200 Kč
PPVTraffic rules (test) including Municipal administrative fee1.100 Kč
Other feesPrice
Absence without leave minimum 24 hours in advance450 Kč
Issue of a duplicate about finished training500 Kč
Absence from a final exam without leave minimum 1 week in advance2.000 Kč
Cancellation leave – 50% of the price, minimum:5.000 Kč
Registration fee after unfinished training or exam in another driving licence school (not valid for a transfer from a driving licence school far away more than 100 km)3.000 Kč

Regular customer discount

Our clients who return to our school for another service can get an interesting discount or present. The company executive director only can provide the discount. The price is guaranteed for a maximum of 12 months from the submission of the application. If the teaching and training takes longer, the driving school may request an additional payment to the current price.

Expiration date of the present certificate is 3 months after a payment.

VAT is included in a service price. The price list is valid from 10.5.2024. The administrative fees paid in the Municipal Authority are not included in the price