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Driving licence C – truck

Driving licence C – truck  

Our trainees are able to drive a truck even on narrow streets and to determine distances around a car after a successful finishing of our training.

Driving licence groups C and C+E

You can finish both types of training in the same time in our driving licence school, at a reduced price. 

What do you need for getting a driving licence for a truck?  

  1. Medical assessment of a good state of health for motor vehicles driving [PDF]
  2. Driving licence school application [PDF] – duplex printing or you can complete it in the driving licence school
  3. Order the practical training (see bellow at the page or call us)  

Your general practitioner shoud sign your medical assessment. You can apply for the training in our driving licence school with the medical assessment not older than 3 months.  

We are looking forward to meeting you,
Group of instructors – Driving licence school VT center 11 LLC