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Refresher driving lessons

Your instinct is right – refresher driving is the right choice for every driver who is uncertain in his/her driving skills.  
While driving a car with mistakes, you can be dangerous not only to yourself, but also to a front seat passenger and all road users!  

Our driving licence school offers refresher driving lessons with a nice excellent instructress and experienced instructors. You can choose your instructor.

What is refresher driving like?   

Refresher driving starts in the place of a car training area, where you will learn how to back up, park (including lengthwise parking into the row of standing cars), start moving uphill, etc. Only when you feel confident at the wheel, you will go out to the traffic with your instructor.

During the first refresher driving your instructor will give you an advice, what driver´s movements you should focus on during the next driving lessons, he/she will design the structure/way of driving lessons and will recommend the number of refresher driving lessons. So you do not need to order the certain number of driving lessons ahead. People who underestimate themselves and do not feel confident about their driving often order too many driving lessons. Our instructors will manage it earlier then you expect at the beginning, so we do not want to let you pay more than it is necessary.

Tip for a gift 

If you want to give a refresher driving lesson to anybody as a gift, we will provide a gift voucher for you. Write it in the Notes in the Order or contact us by the phone.  

We are looking forward to meeting you,
Group of instructors – Driving licence school VT center 11 LLC